Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th 2009

Today was a truly tragic day at Arapahoe.
We found out at the end of 3rd hour that we lost freshman Martin Walworth, a dear friend, good student and excellent musician. This is particularly difficult due to the recent passing of Jason Wren as well. We hope they rest in peace and are here for those who are struggling through this hard time. Seniors especially (but really all upperclassmen) this is our time to protect our school, to ensure the well-being of ALL Warriors, regardless of if we know them or not, now is the time to make that connection and take care of one another.
Read the Forward of Brave New World and come to class with questions:
What's the point?
What is goin gon at this time in the world?
Any other good questions you have.
here is an online text:,M1

Going back to watching the Simpsons last week....What was being satirized?
Stay at home moms
stupid teens
boringness at fishing
belief in media
Employee/employer relationship
money to politics
tree huggers
vegetarians/impact on society
young politicians
men=boys will be boys
the American family

These are all examples of horatian satire

We viewed some examples of satire from the Onion, they can be found on the English Lit page. We also got into groups and looked at some of the articles together and analyzed what is being satirized and how this is done.
We looked at Harper's Index (also on the website) and played on the smartboard a little bit.

Satire groups and presentations due on Friday!
Read the Forward and bring questions.
work on your last lecture, deadline is coming up.

Again, RIP Jason and Martin, in our hearts and memories forever.

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April 10, 2009
Happy Friday everyone! Today was a pretty laid back day in English Lit. We began the class with some delicious cinnamon rolls and a quiz over chapters 1-9 of Brave New World. If you missed this quiz it would be a good idea to talk to Mrs. Smith. After the quiz we took the slogans that we were supposed to bring in and pasted them to a large sheet of paper. The final thing we did in class today was say good-bye to Mr. Ruggles. Today was his last day in our class and at Arapahoe.
HW: Read chapters 11-12 for Monday and Last Lecture Conferences