Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sara B

Please reflect on the presentation leaving constructive criticism and positive feedback.


kaytlinr said...

I liked what you did with what you did with your speech it was different and changed the aspect of the assignment.

HaileyM2009 said...

I love how you set yourself a part by showing your life through objects. It was really creative and showed us about your life in a unique way.
Nice presentation!

Pat said...

I think you did a very good job by stepping away from everyone else’s presentation and created your own idea. It was really creative how you had objects to guide us through your life thus far. I didn’t know you were an intense skier. That’s really cool. Great job on your presentation!

jordan s said...

I like how you use objects in your life to explain where you are today. Everything tied in together really well and you can tell you have a lot of friends and good memories because of all the hard work you have put in. Good luck with the rest of your life!

JakeF said...

I like your approach with objects. Each of your objects is really awesome and they have a lot of meaning. Its cool how you would show off to the boys how you were tough. Your Arapahoe objects are really powerful and they really show a lot about you. You really did a great job doing it different and tying everything together. Great Job.

DrewB2009 said...

I like how you felt invincible with your bell dress. It's cool that you didn't care if you were good or how you looked but continued gymnastics because it was your love. It seemed like you learned a lot from cheerleading and didn't treat freshman how you were treated when you were a freshman. I like how you wrapped it up and said how you would be remembered differently by different people.

Anonymous said...

Sara, the way that you approached your presentation in such a creative and different way! I love how you chose objects that have meant so much to you even if others couldn't really understand why it is so important. You were very relaxed and had fun with the class during your presentation. Your presentation was so fun and creative, I really liked seeing how throughout your life the objects you chose have shaped who you are as a person and have made you an individual.

BrittneyW said...

I loved your idea of using objects I thought that was awesome!! You did such a great job, it was so so good! YEAH BEAM!!!

RickM2009 said...

Interesting use of objects, I think its really cool that you still sleep with the same blanket. You have an awesome wardrobe. Sorry you ran out of time, but you still had an full presentation. Have a great time at UNC.

KatieM2009 said...

I like that you chose a different way to present your project! I like the way that you are able to show your stories through different physical objects in your life. I love that feeling of being at the top of the mountain too!! It is such an amazing feeling! I miss cheerleading more than anything!!! Ah yes the warrior wardrobe! Every cheerleader has one! Your presentation was great!!

Eric said...

I like that you chose to do a different path and decided to tell how objects have shapped your life. I like how your boyfirend is my locker partner. I like the values of team that you learned from cheer that the team is first.Bleed black and gold. class of 09. Good luck next year at UNC.

KaitlanW2009 said...

I like that you chose to theme your presentation differently than most people.
It's cool that you found your freedom in skiing.
It is great that instead of being intimidated and quiting cheers, you learned from the experience and grew.

Anna P2009 said...

Sara! You're so silly! Belle dress! Heck yes!
I still have my baby blanket! And I love that you showed all of the different things that it was for you
Belle is better than any superhero costume.
In the gymnastics pictures...are you on a yellow brick road in the right picture.
I'm sorry that you had to deal with the mean senior girls as a senior but I'm glad that it taught you to never be that way! You're such a sweet person!
You've left quite an impact on those around you! Good luck in the future!

mollyp2010 said...

I liked how you used objects to describe how different things have impacted you throughout your life. Your lasting legacy was really great, of being a warrior, and being involved in multiple activities and not just being remembered by one specific identity. Your fututre sounds really exciting, great job with your presentation!

AdrienneB2009 said...

Baby blanket- comfort
Belle Dress- I remember you loving Belle in middle school too!
Gynmastics- fly! fly!
Ski- a Colorado must, yes it is!
AHS legacy- puzzle peices
We all tripped at one point :)
You've set a good exampl of a leader and team work.
Warrior garb! Wild Warrior Women!
You're so right, I won't have any clothes!
Sara, I'm sorry we didn't stay close after middle school. You've become an awesome person and you're still the girl who is fun to be around! Good luck!