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Friday, October 10th

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1. Turned in Scholarship project
2. Synthesis essay on Monday, save in class folder
(Anglo- Saxon back round, Beowulf the story (w/out author), The movie directed by Robert Zemechus

3. Finish watching movie
o Beowulf returns to Herot
o Unferth returns with the golden dragon horn
o The slave, Cane, found it on the moors
o Queen talks to Beowulf’s mistress
o Flaming cross
o Unferth says dragon
o Beowulf’s son. Agreement broken now that the horn has been returned
o The sins of the fathers
o Beowulf apologizes for giving in to temptation
o Wiglaf doesn’t accept Beo giving having faults, loyalty
o Beowulf confronts Grendel’s mom
o Beo chases an extremely angry dragon heading for hEROT
o Rides dragon for a while
o He realizes the gem, soft spot, Welthow, horn
o Rides again, engages in deep sea diving with the dragon
o Welthow saves mistress
o Beowulf hits a raw nerve, kills dragon in the most epic battle
o B Cuts off own arm to kill heart
o B loses knife, rips out heart with bare hand
o Wiglaf saves queen
o Water cleanses, washes away his son (dragon)
o Keep epic tale, Beowulf dies, too late for lies
o Hero’s funeral
o Wiglaf is king, finds horn, G’s mom takes Beowulf down

4. Started synthesis
(Example: religion, women, epic hero and how it compares/contrasts between Anglo-Saxon Culture, Beowulf story, and Beowulf movie
Include 2 outside sources
How is the movie different from epic hero qualifications?
Definition, Anglo- SSaxons, Beowulf story and movie
How does B be epic hero

· Kills G and mom, fulfills royalty ideal, tale told, nobility, brave, loyal, just
· In movie? More tragic hero rather than epic hero (flaw=gave into temptation, greed, pride (Oedipus)
· Anglo- loyalty, Wiglaf is loyal
· Movie- sins of the fathers, would Wigalf give in, queen “love” loyalty, Wiglaf refuses to believe B’s weakness
· Unferth- as: converts from Nors Gods to God Christianity (religion) co Beo: unferth’s challenge questioning epic hero, movie: changes opinion, comes around (full circle, Hrunting= Unferth’s sword)
· Women? AS: important, having kids, still unequal Beo: Welthow? wise queen, Movie: Women defeats Beowulf (man) No procreating, Welthow can't have kids

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