Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wondrous world of Goldfish and Phishbowls!!!

Happy Hump Day!

Today we talked all about hamlet, goldfish, and Act One. Make sure you check out the sweet comments made about Hamlet on the Live Blogging if you missed class today.

Some notes from the Phish bowl:

Importance of Christianity
Foreshadowing of the betrayal of Claudis
What does the reference of Julius Caesar have to do with Hamlet? Does it parallel to Hamlet?
This is foreshadowing the fall of Hamlet's kingdom.
True Debates about what the ghost's purpose is? Is it really the king back from purgatory? Or perhaps it is a devil in disguise?!
Hamlet is not thinking clearly how will this affect his actions in the future?
Discussion about Hamlet... Is it more wrong to kill himself or another?
What would Hamlet choose?
Role of selfishness in the play.
What is the importance of the Ghost is he real?
Twist is religion the thing that Shakespeare is putting importance in or is it more important to Shakespeare that the aspect of revenge is the biggest fact?
Religious beliefs smith comment:
How did the church feel about ghosts?
They were from hell
Is Hamlet having problems believing in the ghost?
Crossroads for Hamlet trying to find the truth in the complex system....
Hamlet's mind is clouded by his emotions
Shakespeare presents the moral dilemma...
Shall hamlet go against his religion and avenge his father so he can pass on? OR should he refuse this to save his mother from the grief and to follow his religion.

Homework: Make sure
you respond to the blog prompt from the presenter on the phishbowl of act one!-
Presenters don't have to respond. Think about a paper topic for your paper and
make sure its a good one!!!

:D Have a good one!!!!
Kim C.

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