Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008 monday!

In class:

Smith is stressed (starbucks cards are recommended)
We went over how to comment on Google Docs.

We continued reading Oedipus, started on page 48 and read through to the end (page 83).
  • Believe in Messenger=put gods first, believe in Oedipus=man first
  • Oedipus doesn't believe in prophesies, gods etc. and therefore is digging himself a bigger hole.
  • pg 57, Jocasta begins to realize that Oedipus is her son and tries to persuade/hint to him to forget the conversation. When he doesn't, she exits becasuse she doesn't want to be embarrassed, tries to save him from the truth, etc.
  • Shepherd is reluctant to give information and tries, like everybody else, to distance himself from the fate surrounding Oedipus.


1. Is your paper on Google Docs??
2. Sign up for a conference during this week.

3. Make 5 comments on someone else's essay, make sure they are in a different class. On Word, copy your comments and make sure you say what paper you commented on to turn in on Wednesday. Make sure your comments are good!!
4. Final essay due Friday Sept. 15

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