Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3, 2008

Conference with Mrs. Smith on final essay choice by next Friday: sign up in her planner
Workshop essay on Friday, essay must be on your usb or email it to yourself
Smith’s off hours: 1st everyday, 4th everyday, before and after school.

In Class:
We read Oedipus. Here is what we talked about:
1.With Oedipus accusing Tiresias of lying, the citizens are faced with an interesting argument: Who is more powerful, Kings or Gods?
-they put Oedipus before the gos because he saved them once before, why wouldn’t he be able to do it again? It loosely follows the saying “Innocent until proven guilty”.
2.Underlyng messags in Greek society:
-pride blinds you
-see the bigger picture,look beyond what you can physically see
-hero realizes that Gods help us

HW: Assign google groups- college essay posted by Monday 15th on Google Groups

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