Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wouldn't you know it... IT'S PLAY DAY!!!

Project 1:
This project was done very well, poor 'Kankles'... nobody wants him... This group combined humor and talent to create a very well rounded performance. These kids did a great job telling the story of how much emotion was added into the exchange of poor Kankles, and the unfortunate 'loose morals' of his mother. The scene was good, and so was the acting. Heff, a buff doctor, a nun, and a queen with loose morals, all combined together in New York to create a definitely well done performance.

Project 2:
These girls did a great job of how Oedipus came to Thebes for the second time. He really wanted to go to college in Las Vegas, and after getting a bad fortune cookie, he decided that was the place for him. Again humor riddled this play, incorporating talent and trickery. Oedipus the technology-wise riddle solver was able to find his way to eventually marrying Jocasta. Though the acting was good, the lack of blood in the death scenes were fairly disappointing.

Project 3:
My group (Anna, Lauren L, Sara, Katie M, and myself Shelli) did a modern-day boxing scene of the fight between Oedipus and Tiresias. We used humor and slight risque comments to create humor and stupidity into the rediculous fight between the two... gangsta's. Anger from the crowd, referee, and of course O-deezy and T-bone worked well together to create an emotional,

Project 4:It was the MAury show for the big reveal into Oedipus' birth. There was audience participation in the show and that made it all the more enjoyable.

Project 5:
The boys (Will, Drew, Eric B, Eric L, and Taylor) revealed the secret of Oedipus' real origin. Though it wasn't performed live, this project was very funny. Jerry Springer, as always was very theraputic, and perfect performance. Special guests appeared as well, creating a surprising aroma and an eventual victory. The gory detail made it really feel like I was on Jerry Springer! Well done boys!

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