Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 7, 2008

*We started off the day with a partner quiz over act 2.
*Our last comparative paper was returned-if you have questions or still arnt doing well on these, go in for help!
*For the rest of the period we read act 3.

-It was interesting to see how in this act, the story takes a dramatic turn.
-I think most of us are still asking ourselves: what is Hamlet going to do? He seems very conflicted, and almost bipolar.

Continue thinking about your paper, and if you have a conference this week, make sure you dont miss it!

I apologize to my classmates that this blog wasn't posted sooner...our good friend Irene was absent on friday, and so I did it instead.

***Joke for the day: What did the boy say to the two headed monster?
answer: Hello, Hello

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