Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally the last week of classes!

Down to the last three classes of English Lit in 2008. Almost there seniors! (The last case of the Mondays of 2008)

We had a fish bowl today and it is over act 5.

Mrs. Smith wanted this to be the best fish bowl ever since there were some wonderful guest watching us very educated young adults discuss and argue in an appropriate manner. (Although it will be hard to top act 3 discussers)

- The fishbowl started with reviewing themes and ideas that have been occurring in the play and it showed that selfishness, death, and the foil between Hamlet and Gertrude.
- A question that came up was why does Shakespeare wait till the very end for all the action and all the deaths.
- One main arguments and discussion that went on was if Hamlet knew about the poison and if Gertrude knew about the poison.
- Did Hamlet really love Ophelia?
- For the entire outer circle ideas and discussions look at the fishbowl blog.


Make sure that you post your blog that will be posted from the presenters. Also keep working on your papers and get them in ASAP! They are due Friday the 12th but Mrs. Smith would love them to be in before that so she can get them graded.

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