Friday, August 22, 2008

Aug 22

Mrs. Smith is a competitive runner.
Drew hates the feeling of cardboard.
Sara is afraid of fish.
Molly is related to Joan of Arc
Kaitlan has had 3 concussions
Patrick is afraid of heights
Kim is crazy
Adrian is a vegetarian
Jessie is bilingual and a dual citizen (South Korea). His dad was in the army and hooked up with his mom in South Korea. Also, his dad is going back to Iraq in two weeks. Jessie goes back to South Korea about every 2 years and has been to 6 different schools in about 6 years. A very interesting guy
Lauren doesn’t like cotton balls
Eric is terrified by snakes
Taylor (Girl)plans on being a shark biologist when she grows up
Kendra is terrified of the dark
Molly is deathly afraid of fish eggs, but doesn’t mind fish
Sarah E has been a dancer for 12 years
Taylor (Boy) plays a lot of golf and today is his birthday
Casey has a batman lego collection and today is his birthday as well
Irene is a youth director for the American cancer society
Eric hates the word swell
Mackenzie hates the sound of brushing her teeth
Lauren is voting for McCain and her dog bit her this summer
Rick is a catch and release fly fisherman
Anna is undefeated at disney scene it
Katie has an ancestor that tried to kill the pope
Haley can’t sign her last name in cursive
Shelli is 50% Swedish
Katie hates the sound of people blowing their nose

Apparently the best thing ever in writing is so maybe check that out sometime.

When getting teacher recommendations: Thank the teacher (hand written notes, gift certificates)
Give the teacher plenty of time
Don’t use two teachers from the same subject.

We chose groups and each group was assigned a category on Oedipus’ background.

HW: Scribe, Oedipus material, parent email

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