Friday, August 29, 2008

Scribe Post for August 29, 2008

Today in class we:
  • got back our 2nd college essay and the idea sheet we turned in
  • turned in our 3rd and final college essay
  • got to act out Oedipus. It featured: Casey Holmes as Oedipus, Eric Boten as the priest, lauren leonard as Creon, Kim Christiansen as the chorus, Irene Lahana as the Chorus Leader, and Shelli Marr as Teiresias.
Today was treated as a college course. We just kept going unless someone had a question

  • Plays from this period had minimal sets and characters. Everything had significance
  • Many motifs, themes, and tragic hero qualities
  • Set was simple and boring
  • King was above the priests or above worshipping. Kings above worshipping, kings above gods, sophocles did this on purpose
  • Plague in Thebes, 2nd plague. First from sphinx and citizens believe Oedipus will save them again. Thebes not a good place to live.
  • They talk so much because they are introducing the plot and have to explain everything to the audience.
  • Oedipus is full of himself. It's all about "I". ALso digs himself into a hole. Basically says, " If I would've been there I would've solved this problem but I wasn't so I will now"
  • Dramatic Irony- He fights for Lauis as if he was his own father. Feels he has a connection with Lauis with children from the same line...awkward
  • Oedipus has asked to see Teiresias twice but he refuses because he is a blind proohet and knows what Oedipus has done.
  • Tragic Hero Characteristics- comes from wealth, has pride and arrogance (will be his downfall). He is so committed to cause he is setting himself up for failure.
  • Oedipus intimidates Teiresias
  • Dramatic form of writing

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Read Oedipus through Pg 35. FInd 3 examples of dramatic irony, 3 adjectives with examples to describe Oedipus' character.

Something to Ponder:
Oedipus has 4 children with his mother. What does that make them? His siblings, his children, or his half-borthers and sisters and children?

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