Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008 Scribe!!!!

Late Start WED

HW :
*Class expectation sheets by wed
*College Essay: How have you been impacted by your parents/others? Typed, double spaced, size 12 font, 1 ½ pages long

Today in class:

*We presented our Oedipus presentation

*Greek Theatre
o The stage was amphitheater design. To help amplify the actor’s voice
o All actors were males, they even played female roles
o Masks were big and had bright colors so audience could see also amplified voices
o Comedies
o Tragedies/Dramas
o Greek song and dance
o We learned a Greek dance!!!!!

o Definition: The imitating of an action that has serious implications, is complete, and possesses magnitude; by mans of language which has been made sensuously attractive, with parts; enacted by the persons themselves and not presented through narrative; though a course of pity and fear completing the purification of tragic acts which have those emotional characteristics.
o Downfall of a noble hero.
o Any even t with a sad and unfortunate outcome.
o Examples of Tragedy: Titanic, Hamlet, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, The Movie Crash, 9/11

*Greek Tragedy
o A story with a sadder or more unfortunate outcome.
o Main character is usually some sort of hero.
o Created to honor Dionysus, goats were sacrificed to Dionysus.
o Performed in late march and early April
o It was the form or three play writes
o 3 unities: Time, Place, Action
o Characteristics of a tragic hero: Position, Tragic Flaw, Reversal, Recognition

*Tragic Hero
o Usually a hero with a flaw or a bad trait that brings them down later in the story
o Someone they love gets in the way of there battle or journey and that brings them down too.
o Examples: Oedipus Rex, Batman, Spiderman, Hercules, Firefighters, Soldiers, etc.

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