Monday, February 9, 2009

2/6 and 2/9

Ok, kids, here's the deal.
On Friday we wrapped up or hell unit with an in class essay. We didn't really have homework; just get Dorian Gray for Monday and work on your Last Lecture.

Today we discussed what we would do if we could do anything without getting caught (on the blog) as well as discussing Oscar Wilde's life (fairly unconventional) and beginning Dorian Gray.

Homework: read the preface of Dorian Gray and respond to the questions on the handout we got in a one page, double spaced, typed response; read chapters 1-3 in Dorian Gray; sign up for fish bowl days if you haven't yet

Also, work on the first part of your last lecture! The reflection on your past is due on Friday, so start thinking inspirational thoughts!!!

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