Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

We fishbowled today on Chapters 13-16, and Ruggles just went over what he expects for sources on Monday. If you missed the fishbowl add some comments on to the blog and don't forget to answer the blog post!!!

- Beauty Paper Sources to be checked off on Monday
- 2-3 quotes cited from Dorian Gray and 2 outside sources
-Beauty Paper Outline due Wednesday
- Dorian Gray- Read Chapters 17-20 ( Fishbowl Wednesday)

Our last Fishbowl for Dorian Gray!
Sara Beam
Shelli Marr
Anna Paul
Brittney Walker
Mackenzie Lanphear
Kaytlin Ryan

Adrienne Bouveron
Jordan Senior
Katie Maron
Kim Christian
Taylor Scofield
Steven Ward
Irene Lahana
Hailey Moore

Support our Boys and Girls Basketball teams this weekend at playoffs!
Girls play tonight at 7pm and Boys tomorrow at 3pm. Both games are at Arapahoe...I think :)

Hey look it's Drew!!

And Britt and I stumbled upon this picture too....

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