Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Ruggles Student Teaching Questionnaire

1. What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?

2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?

3. Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why?

5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?

6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?

7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?


shellim2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles has done a good job at keeping the class interacting with each other and with our texts. He is helping us to learn about deeper meanings that lie within the lines.

2. Mr. Ruggles could probably try to get quiter people in the class to participate more, because I know when they do, they have brilliant things to say, and I'd love to hear from them more.

3. Rank:
a.) 4 - Though Mr. Ruggles is very good at verbal communication, I have seen little nonverbal and his written communication could improve slightly.
b.) 4.5 - I think Mr. Ruggles' lessons are very interesting, and he and Smith help to make them more interesting, but I still find myself bored sometimes.
c.) 4.5 - It can get a little out of hand every once in a while.
d.) 4.5 - So far what I've seen he grades quickly and fairly, except for when I got points of for margins... I don't think that matters.
e.) 5 - I think he uses technology well. He saves our hands from writing cramps and the environment!
f.) 4.5 - Mr. Ruggles is usually very excited about the class and material, but I can see, just like any normal human being, he gets tired sometimes.

4. I love fishbowls. The first one wasn't very good but the second one was great! It is great for me to hear what my peers think about the text so that I can try to take new ideas they share with me and apply it to the text when I'm reading.

5. I didn't enjoy taking notes on all of the songs and pictures in our Hell discussions. They were tedious and unneccesary to do all that work for just discussion.

6./7. I think Mr. Ruggles is doing a great job so far!

RickM2009 said...

1. He's consistent.

2. Eye/facial movement when talking to the class.


a. 4, He stumbles occasionally when talking, but we all do that.

b. 3, They're easy to find meaning in , but you have an interest in it.

c. 4, He's very competent for a student teacher.

d. 5, He does the teacher thing pretty well.

e. 5, He's literate and uses technological resources appropriately.

f. 5, He's already well on his way to becoming an excellent teacher.

4. Fishbowl discussions, I like interacting with the rest of the class.

5. All the DG busywork we've done (papers, portraits, etc).

6. I'll echo shelli, keep up the good work!

jordan s said...

1. I feel as though Mr. Ruggles it always prepared for class, he has read and done additional research to help push us along in case we get stuck so that the class keeps moving effectively.

2. When I have had my teacher appointments, I have felt as though the interest lies in the assignment's layout and completion rather than WHY we are interested in writing about it, if we are going to share personal connections, information and thoughts, it would be nice to know someone read it for content, not structure and mechanics.

a. 4-verbally and email is really easy to get ahold of Mr. Ruggles and he has presence in the classroom, but when it comes to writing assignments we have not gotten a lot of written feedback other than the major things like the afterlife project and in-class essay.

b. 4-I think that the lessons are interesting, but I like Shelli sometimes end up bored as well, I think that when we draw in those elements that make lessons fun (movies, pictures, songs, etc) we need to spend more time on the analysis rather than quickly going over it to see the next movie clip.

c. 5-every class gets rowdy some days and is tired the other days, but Mr. Ruggles does a good job letting the class ebb and flow, pulling us back in if we stray too far from the path.

d. 4-I can't say they are graded completely well done because stuff like blog posts we never get any feedback on, it feels like just a busy work grade.

e. 3-I think technology is used a lot in our class, but am not sure that it is always as meaningful as it could be.

f. 5-Mr. Ruggles always seems excited about our class and what we have to say, positive attitude.


5. This lasting lecture assignment is particularly dreadful to me. I have a lot that I want to/could/would say in my lecture that would make it much more compelling and meaningful to me. Unfortunately, they are also things that I would never want to share openly with classmates or the world as a podcast, thus I feel as though I am writing a pointless paper about my life that actually has nothing to do with my life at all because of the fact that I want it to make me look good when podcasted to the world.

6. Recognize that most of us are extremely busy people. I understand the desire to prepare us for college and teach this like a college english class, but is that not the reason that AP Lang and AP Lit are offered at our school? I recognize the fact that the reading for college is a heavy reality slowly creeping us, but for me it is still in the distance and I am trying to enjoy my senior year. I feel like we get a lot of busywork that only gets halfway done because we never get a break! I'm not saying don't assign us any homework, but for once I would like to see something simple in my planner such as English: Read DG rather than Read DG, blog, project proposal, teacher meeting, last lecture.

7. Overall, fantastic job.

jordan s said...

I forgot number 4!

I would say fishbowls as well, I prefer to read on my own and draw it all in with everybody else, rather than try to do assignments to deepen the meaning, it just helps to bounce ideas off of your peers.

HaileyM2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles does a really good job of leading the class and keeping the ball rolling as we transition through various units/activities etc.

2. Um, I suppose I agree with Jordan. I can't really think of anything!


a. 5-Whenever I have a problem or am confused he's always helped me clear it up right away.
b. 4-I generally come away with more to think about than before the lesson...
c. 4-I think he runs the class really well. Actually, that was something I was surprised about when he started teaching because he runs the class so well.
d. 3-more feed back please?
e. 4-It's used just as well as other classes we have laptops in. I don't know how it could improve, but he seems to do a good job.
f. 5!

4. I suppose I'll follow the crowd and say fishbowls! Our class tends to do a really good job and we are able to dig deeper into the text (sorry about the first one!)

5. I enjoyed the self portrait assignment. At first I was really unsure of how I was going to do this but when I started thinking about it I figured out various ways to do it and had fun finalizing my ideas.

6. I agree with Jordan! I always have to keep open a ton of space in my planner for a long list of assignments, and very often it feels like busy work or I feel like I just need a break from response papers,etc.

7. I agree with everyone else--good job Mr. Ruggles!

MackenzieL2009 said...

1.I thought Mr. Ruggles did a really good job at taking many different elements and applying them to what we were learning about (like how we listened to songs, watched video clips,and looked at images).

2. We always ran out of time at the end of class, so maybe by planning one less thing into the lesson would help us have more time to discuss and finish what we were doing.

a. 3- I thought that the verbal was good but sometimes I had a hard time figuring out what you meant when you typed stuff up, like the questions on the powerpoints and a little bit on the portrait project handout.
b. 5- I thought the lessons were great, we covered a lot of stuff and always talked about something interesting.
c. 4- That first week we always had to postpone a lot of stuff to the next day, and then the next day etc., but after that week we got more stuff done and went on less "bunny trails".
d. 5- I thought they were graded fairly and everything was given back to us within a few days which was awesome.
e. 5- He did a good job because he used ppt and the you-tube clips and movies a lot.
f. 5- I thought he did a good job.

4. I thought the fishbowls were the most fun/meaningful because we covered many interesting and controversial topics.

5. I thought that each assignment was meaningful and interesting but the amount of them was insane. We would turn one in and be assigned another right off the bat which was a little too much.

6./7. I think you did a good job, I can't really think of anything else.

TaylorS2009 said...

1. He keeps the classroom moving and everyone working.

2. I can't really think of anything.

3. Rank:

a. 5, I don't see too much wrong with communicating with him.
b. 4, The lessons are very interesting but some times I question the purpose of a few of them.
c. 4, every now and then the class does get a bit distracted.
d. 4, he's pretty timely and quick with grading.
e. 5, he is very competent with technology.
f. 5 he always seems excited.

4. I like the fishbowls. They let the class talk it out and it gives me many other view points that I probably would have never thought of otherwise.

5. I do not enjoy the last lecture assignment at all. I am not at all interested in telling the class about my life, there is no purpose whatsoever in this and the fact that it will also be podcasted makes me dread it even more. I have no motivation for this project at all.

6. Maybe fewer things thrown at us at once, I realize this is a college prep class but a million little things that are easy to forget are something I'm sure many of us won't encounter.

7. So far he is doing a pretty good job.

LaurenB2009 said...

1. He runs the class like a college class. It's very fast paced and a good challenge.
2. Although the class is meant to be fast paced I wish the homework wasn't as time consuming each night. Maybe allow more time on some of the papers and readings.
a. 3, sometimes I think the homework could be described more in depth
b. 5, everything has a point and is very informational, not a lot of busy work
c. 4, The class is jam packed full of content.
d. 3, He is a very tough but thorough grader.
e. 3, the computers could be used more but he does a good job of making everything computer accessible
f. 5, You can tell he enjoys the subjects that he teaches.
4. I really enjoyed the Self Portrait project. It was a great way to discover how others view me and how I really view myself.
5. There hasn't been one assignment I haven't liked but I feel like there is an overwhelming amount of papers assigned.
6. So far everything is great, I was hoping maybe what exactly we had for homework each night could be described better.
7. Great job so far.

KendraS2009 said...

1. The class is run efficiently.
2. I feel that some of the assignments we do are more busy work than actual learning. Mr. Ruggles could either point out why we are doing it or just not make us do it.
3. Rank
a. Written skills could be better on feedback for the papers. I do not always fully understand why I got the grade I did.
b. I would rank the lessons high. I feel that for the most part they are very meaningful.
c. Great. I do not feel like our class is hard to handle.
d. I think that Mr. Ruggles grades a little too hard and not always fairly.
e. Enough without overuse
f. Mr. Ruggles always seems to have a good attitude.
4. The talk about hell. I found it interesting to see everyone's different view points.
5. I did not enjoy the portrait assignment because I thought it was pointless busy work.
6. Just know that we are high school students and most of us lead very busy lives. Sometimes we have a lot of assignments and things to do at once and it gets extremely hard to get it all done and keep it all straight.
7. Good job.

Lauren L said...

1. Mr. Ruggles has done well with getting to know the class and keeping us busy.

2. Mr. Ruggles should be a little more personable with kids who are struggling or who interact less.

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
-3 because I feel sometimes I miss assignments and find out about them online when I have a 0. They are usually computer assignments.

b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
-4 dicussions are usually my favorite thing to do and we do those a lot I do get out a lot of information.

c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
-I really dont think its the techniques but the person.

d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
-1 for me because he gave me a d on my essay.

e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
-5 he is pretty techy
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?
-5 he seems very excited to be here and have this experience teaching.

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why?
The self portraits were fun.

5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
The career assignment was def not my favorite! Also the notes on the pics and music was pointless.

6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
Talk with the students individualy more.

7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?
Good luck!

EricL2009 said...

1. I think that Mr.Ruggles does a great job of interacting with the kids and making sure people are interacting as a class.
2. Mr. Ruggles could do a better job explaining projects and also actually talking about what is going on in the text.
3. A. 4. He does a great job communicating with the individuals.
B. I would say they are about a 3. Just need more actually facts then thoughts.
C. 5. He does a great job keeping everyone on tasks.
D. 4. His assessments are all done very well.
E. 5. We are always using the technology.
F. 4. He always has a great attitude and seems eager to teach.
4. The most meaningful has been the fishbowls. I learn the most from them.
5. I did not enjoy all the reading and the hell stuff. We had a lot of reading and the in class essay was not very fun.
6. Just go over more of the facts just not the theories.
7. He is a fun teacher.

AdrienneB2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles pushes most to really support their statements with facts rather than just opinion.
2. I agree with Shelli. Some quiet people could shake up a debate if they spoke up more.

3.a. 5- instructions are clear.
b.They could be a little more though provoking.
c. 4- Still getting the hang of it.
d. I think he's a little tougher which can be good unless the intention is too overlooked.
e. 5
f. 4- Instead of letting a conversation drop he couls take it anoter level.
4. Fishbowls and also the religion projects. It made people open their mind before jumping into the Hell unit.

5. The portait project. I got to ask my friends what they really think of me and got to know my classmates better.
6. Push people more. Smith is good at making people question their own statements.
7. Great job!

mollyp2010 said...

1. Asking questions to try and get everyone involved.

2. I really feel that sometimes he tries to cram too much into a class period and I feel very rushed trying to respond to things and participate in the activity at hand. A lot of times he says things like "ok you guys have 30 seconds to respond to this" or something like that and its just ridiculous because it's definitely not enough time.

A-3 I think that if you go in to talk to him, then you can really get some good feedback and communicate with him, however I feel like sometimes when we get papers back, I have no idea why I recieved the grade that I did.
B-4 I do think that his lessons are very thought provoking and meaningful, however sometimes I think that he tries to do more than we really have time for in one period.
C-4.5 See above (b). But in general as far as keeping things under control, he does a good job.
D-3 I think that he does a great job of being very timely, however sometimes I have felt that he hasn't made the aim of the assignment extremely clear, and therefore I feel like the grading is very harsh and perhaps a little unfair.
E-5 I have no complaints here.
F-5 I think he has a great attitude and is excited to teach the class.

4. I think that the most meaningful things that we've done in class with mr.ruggles are the conversations that we've been having lately. - Afterlife/religion, true beauty, etc.

5. I did not enjoy the career project very much. I feel like I didnt get very much out of it since I have already done a lot of research on it. Also I didnt think it was extremely clear what was expected of us on some parts.

6. As some other people have said, it sometimes feels as though we are working on a ton of little things at once that people dont get much out of, instead of maybe focusing on less things that could be more meaningful.

7. I think I've pretty much said it all.

SarahE2010 said...

1. He has done well with sympathizing with the class. He is easy to talk to, and not intimidating
2. Sometimes he seems a bit nervous. I think he is doing a great job, so he shouldn’t be nervous.
3. a.4- Your handwriting is easy to read, ad you get your points across well.
b.4- His lesson plans definitely coincide and fit well within our units.
C.5- He is very organized. And no one really yells at each other or anything anyway.
d.5- I think you are very fair. You give us plenty of time to do our assignments.
E.5- During our Hell unit, he used lots of multimedia things, which made the unit more interesting.
F.5- He always seems very happy and energetic
4. The first part of our final lecture because it really made me look back at my past. It allowed me to realize things that I never have before.
5. I didn't really enjoy the part of the Hell unit where we talked about our personal beliefs because I felt it was too personal.
6. I can't think of anything right now, I think what you're doing works.

mollyp2010 said...

Also, just as a side note, I would appreciate it if the class calendar thing online was updated more frequently. As lauren said, sometimes I miss assignments and dont know about it until I have recieved a zero. Even when I do try to check online to confirm assignments, most of the time the current week is not posted.

KaitlanW2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles keeps the class entertaining and interesting, and he always encourages us to keep working hard.
2. Mr. Ruggles could work on taking more time to go over homework with us, that way we aren't confused on what we are doing.
3. a)3 He does well communicating, just sometimes the assignments are a little confusing.
b)5 His lessons are always very meaningful, and almost always very interesting.
c)5 The classroom is managed very well, everyone listens to Ruggles and eachother.
d)4 I would say Mr. Ruggles' assessments are normally pretty fair.
e)5 I use technology more in this class than any other, and it's always a good learning experience.
f)5 Mr. Ruggles is always very optimistic, and appears to be excited every time we have class. He is always in a good mood.
4. I think the most fun activity we have done in class was the self portrait assignment; it was fun to be artistic and look at everyone's view of who they are.
5. I didn't enjoy the writing the first part of the last lecture just because I am really not excited to give the speech.
6. Just work with me, I am having a hard time keeping up with things this semester, so far I am not doing too bad in this class.
7. Thank you for being our student teacher! It's a fun experience so far, and you're doing great.

JakeF said...

rea1.What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?
He does a really good job of getting people involved.

2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?
I can't think of anything one thing that he needs to perfect, just to keep evolving and creating new learning techniques.

3. Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
Verbal-5, does a really good job with emotion and makes it feel like he is interested.
Written- 4, I can usually tell what he is talking about when he edits a paper.
b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
5- I’m always interested in what we are learning.
c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
4-I think he does a really good job, but his transitions could use a little work.
d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
5-i have not questioned or been upset with any of my grades.
e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
5-incorperates it very well.
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?
5- all I can say is I get excited to come to class.

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why?
I don’t think I applied my self to it enough, however I really liked the personal portrait project.

5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
I don’t think that there is one assignment that I haven’t enjoyed, but it seems as though we have been getting a lot of projects that get in the way of working on my Pausch lecture.

6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
Just keep me learning.

7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?
Again I am sorry that I missed my appointment.

Wilberry09 said...

1. I love the fact that Mr. Ruggles has entertained the idea of art and music in the curriculum, it's really quite easy to relate to :].
2.If the calendar online were updated more frequently, it would be much easier to keep up with assignments, blog posts, etc.
3.a.5-You communicate well with everyone, verbally and non verbally.
b.1-Your lessons are very interesting and easy to relate to.
c.6-The classroom management skills are good, but could be better in regards to encompassing all aspects and perspectives.
d.4-You are extremely coherent in grading, and seem to give good feedback.
e.3-The use of technology is good, except updating the website.
f.2-You seem to be very enthusiastic about the class in general.

4. The career project was awesome, it gave students a chance to see for themselves the lives they could lead.

5. The worst activity in my mind was having to take tedious notes on the songs, pictures and videos, although i certainly enjoyed all of them :].

6 & 7I really do not have any suggestions other than the ones aforementioned, you are certainly doing much better than my last experience with a student teacher!

Knicastro said...

1. Mr Ruggles drives class discussions forward very well. He helps us find answers on our own by using guiding questions. He also keeps class very on task.

2. I can't think of anything

a. 3- In class, he's awesome, he's really able to get his point across. On comments on papers I would like to know more about what he thinks about content and ideas
b. 4.5- Cause no one's perfect, I really get alot out of the discussions he leads though
c. 4- Good focus, good leading, but I think some of the control comes from Ms. Smith being in the room as well
d. 5- Fair, timely and very graceful, He takes the time to understand extenuating circumstances if an assignment is not satisfactory or not timely
e. 4- In the Hell unit he used it alot, currently, not so much
f. 4- I think he's excited to be there but his personality is a little more mellow than some other teachers so it doesn't always come off that way.

4. Our talks about the Hell unit for sure. Something that I'm interested in and everyone had a very unique take on it and I learned alot.

5. Right now, I'm not a fan of Dorian Grey but not everyone has the same taste in literature.

7. none

Anna P2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles does a good job of keeping this group of seniors (and some juniors) on task even as we are nearing the end of the year. He's also good at asking us questions that gets conversation flowing

2. I haven't really been seeing any flaws but I'm also not looking for ways that he's been failing. I think he's doing a very good job with such a rowdy class.

3a. 5, when it comes to constructive criticism he doesn't beat around the bush.
3b. 4, It would've been a 5 but the hell lesson knocked off a point.
3c. 5, for a student teacher he's doing great!
3d. 4.5, He's very fair, and compared to other teachers, get things back in a timely manner.
3e. 5, He uses it whenever possible
3f. 5, you can tell that he's excited to be there but he also is able to show his disappointment when we deserve it.

4. Fishbowls will always be my favorite but I also really liked the self portrait assignment. I got to learn a lot about my self AND classmates!

5. Hell. It just seemed like a lot of busy work and all of the different examples seemed so different that comparing 4 of them together was insanely difficult in the in class essay. I could have done 3 easily but I kinda felt like I had to B.S. the 4th connection.

6. You're doing great! Keep up the good work! But as a warning you'll probably need to step up your game once we get into April, maybe March. That senioritis is going to kick in bad!

Anonymous said...

1. He is very energetic and excited about what he teaches and is willing to spend extra time to help us out.

2. I think that sometimes he needs to explain a project or assignment to us more so that we can get the best grade possible.

3a. 4
3b. 4
3c. 3
3d. 3
3e. 4
3f. 4

4. I have really enjoyed our discussions in class. They seem to be very in-depth and meaningful, and everyone participates which makes it even better!

5. I haven't really enjoyed the amount of reading for each phishbowl. I think that to get in-depth with each chapter we need to focus more on each one.

6. Giving us more detailed instruction.

7. He is doing very well as a teacher and I enjoy his class :)

BrittneyW said...

1. Mr. Ruggles encourages his students and pushes us to learn and discover more.
2.I feel that Mr.Ruggles could explain the project or assignment more clearly. I have felt overwhelmed at many times throughout the class and needed a little more clarification.
4. I think the fishbowls because I enjoy hearing peoples opinions on the story and discussing what they mean and everything.
5. I did not enjoy the in-class essay because I felt that the objective was poorly laid out and I do not really enjoy in class essays.
6. You could help me just by being there to answer questions because I have a lot.
7. Thanks for the great job you are doing Mr. Ruggles keep it up!!

Kim C. 2010 said...

1) Mr. Ruggles does a good job of keeping the class interested in a topic, and does a fantastic job of leading our discussions in the suitable way.
2) Mr. Ruggles can probably improve a little bit with getting to know his class alittle bit better, and perhaps once he understands us, we can understand him.
4)I think that the most fun activity was when we did the project on the different views of the afterlife. It was really interesting to learn about all the different religions, and their views.
5) I didn't really enjoy the portrait project, just because I found it really hard to draw how someone else sees me, and I couldn't really think of a different way than drawing to convey a message.
6) Mr. Ruggles is awesome and I really think he doesn't need to do something different about helping us.
7) I just want to say that Mr. Ruggles is awesome and he is doing a great job! keep up the good work!

KatieM2009 said...

1. Mr. Ruggles explains our hw well. I do not leave class with questions most the time on how our hw is to be completed.

2. I think Mr. Ruggles can improve on showing the class more of himself. We all know Ms. Smith pretty well but it would be nice to know more about Mr. Ruggles.

a. 4- I think his communication skills are good but there is always room for improvment.
b.3- The lessons so far have been interesting but they all seem to be similar.
c.4- Classroom management is good but like before there is always room for improvment.
d.5- So far there have been so issues with me regarding grading
e.5- There has been plenty use of technology and it has been interesting stuff as well.
f.5- Mr. Ruggles has seemed really excited to teach and ready to deal with high school kids.

4. Fishbowls- I love fishbowls because they help me understand the text on a factual level and takes me to the deeper level of understanding

5.I did not enjoy the college assingment we just did. I thought it seemed like busy work.

6.So far you have been there to help me alot so just continue to be there for questions and help

7. I think you are doing a good job!!

Pat said...

1. Mr. Ruggles does a good job creating a comfortable atmosphere in the class room. He didn’t miss a beat coming in which kept the class moving along smoothly.
2. I think Ruggles can approve by spacing out the amount of projects that are assigned. Although the class is going at a pretty good pace the projects are pilling up making it hard to stay on top of. I have a lot of things going on this semester as do many of my peers and busy work projects are at the bottom of my priorities. I do like the projects but it is hard to juggle all of it at once. Getting these projects done on time isn’t allowing me to do the assignment at the best of my ability
3. A) verbal 3: gets your point across
b) 3: Interesting but sometimes not meaningful
d) 1: need more time to produce better quality of work, to many projects at once
e)5: good use of technology
f) 5: attitude great, fun, and lively
4. I think the fishbowls are my favorite because it helps me understand the text and guides my thoughts to go into different directions. I think it will also prepare me for college.
5. I did not enjoy the job interviews as much because it became repetitive and boring after awhile although I did enjoy the meaning behind the assignment
6. Be willing to be flexible and understanding of our busy schedules
7. Reduce the amount of projects or space them out so they are not overlapping.