Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

We had another amazing day with Mr. Ruggles. We have an assembly today for the winter sports and to watch the teachers get their groove on we are all very disappointed we will not be able to see Ms. Smith shake her groove thang.
We started off with finishing our last presentations of our religions and their afterlife beliefs.
Rick and Tom did Shintuism-
· Their beliefs are very closely related to Buddhism
· Your spirit will be connected to the shrine that you put your name on.
· The children that die before putting their names on the shrine are thought to be diseases and plagues in life.
Katie, Steven and Jordan did Judaism-
· Little to say what happens after death
· Much more actions then beliefs
· Resurrection of the dead.
· Believes in both heaven and hell.
· Three groups on judgment day
· Righteous people- go to heaven
· Wicked people- go to hell
· Those in between- Hell initially then go to heaven
Sarah, Katie and Kaytie did Native American
· Hopi tribe- all life preparing for afterlife
o Three duties- Tawa Sun and spirit- Masauwu- Spirit of the dead- Spider Grandmother-leads them in the afterlife
o Death ceremony takes place in an underground room called the kiva.
o 4 worlds- each world gets destroyed when people become disobedient
· Inuit tribe- All things have a spirit that must be respected
o No worship of gods, just fear of everything
· Arapahoe tribe-
o 4 stages –
o Childhood-youth-adulthood-old age
o Belief in re-incarnation
Pat, Will and Jake did Islam-
· Similar to Christianity- however they do not like it
· Day of judgment- Allah chooses heaven or hell for each person.
· Call the heaven the Garden-lay peaceful in their graves
· Hell called Sunnah- suffer in their raves
After the presentations we reflected on what we learned about the religions and connectiong from religion to religion.

Homework: Afterlife Reflection Blog, Work on the first part of the lecture for the past, make interviews(you need ATLEAST 2), and make teacher appointment. Work on career Project due next Friday

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