Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Jan. 12, 2009

Dates for career project:
Contact the people you are interviewing by 1/19
Finish Interviews by 1/25
Response due 1/30

Finish and post outline and any other information on your wiki.
Make a teacher appointment to go over the career project.
Work on your Last Lecture.
In Class:
We turned in our Pausch reflection.
Mrs. Smith went over the rules and guidelines for our WikiSpaces.
· Go to
· If you haven’t already create an account
o First name, first initial, or something so smith can identify you
· Create a new page with a name you can remember and smith can identify
· Next Create 4 links(type link and then click to add hyperlink and press ok to create new page)
o Outline-Insert the outline we created for today
o Contact
o Interview
o Summary/ Response Paper
· Save what you have
· In order to format:
o Go to manage wiki (top left)
§ Click on invite people
§ Invite
o Look and feel link:
§ Can be used for themes and colors on your wiki
· Go back to you home page and click on the discussion tab
o Here you can post and answer questions for your viewers
· Go to your interview page
o We posted any interview questions we had during class
· Next go to
o Click on join this wiki
o Once accepted paste your wiki’s URL next to your name

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