Monday, January 5, 2009

Today Ms. Smith started out by telling a fabulous story of her dream she had about the class. Everybody in the class kept asking “Where’s Drew Babb” but would never look for him. Eric Law kept staring at the computer cart thinking Drew would pop out of there. Obviously Drew is the favorite student this year and quite possibly her favorite ever of all time. We were introduced to Mr. Ruggles and his favorite animal currently is an otter. The big question for the semester is “What’s the point?” so be thinking about that as the semester goes on. Our final at the end of the year is going to be a lecture you present to the class and will be viewed by everybody in the entire world. “It is a chance to change the world”-Anne Smith. We wrote for ten minutes about what the point is in your life right now. After writing we took time to set 3 types of goals (or expectations): -Goals for yourself, -Goals for Ms. Smith and Mr. Ruggles, -Goals for the class. After everybody made their goals we went around and shared one of the three goals with the class. And Lauren was accepted into the coast guard so congrats for that Lauren!!!!!! HW: -Print out class expectations and get it signed by parents –If Ms. Smith doesn’t have your e-mail and parents e-mail then make sure she gets that

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