Friday, January 16, 2009

Scribe: Day about "The Pit of Fire"

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Discussion about Blog post: Who goes to hell? Who decides? And WHY?

Moral choices deciding fate? no hell?

Using Idea of Conservation of Matter: cannot be created or destroyed, maybe reincarnation, or "floating around in nothingness" Believe in your own way

Punishment of Hell... why would it exist if God or god exists then wouldn't he want to see his children suffering.

Not enough proof of God or god to exist.

Reincarnation is a cool idea, heaven or hell is a way of making themselves accepting of death.

Purgatory, 5 people before heaven. "there shouldn't be a hell" Earn way to heaven.

Contradiction of self, decision of own fate leading to heaven (peaceful)

God or god doesn't send people to Hell, but you have to accept Jesus into your life to be saved.

When people reject God or god they get to be away from him they go to hell.

Christianity-- free will if you choose to turn on back on God or god he turns his back on you.

Why do we have this concept of hell being so dark and fiery and horrible?

Historically: keep order by telling the people that if they do not devote themselves to God or god.

Interpretation of the bible, how do we decide what is literal vs metaphorical?

Catholicism: uses fear to keep people in the church

Evil does not exist, humans trying to define what is bad.

God or god always gives the opportunity to see him, personal commitment. He gives a choice.

Being afraid of God or god, terrified of death.

God or god has a plan. I'll accept whatever he decides.

Acceptance of what happens happens.

Diversity, however universal human tendencies. Societal views are not important when it comes to death everyone dies.

Moral compass: God or god will decide.

Literal composition of self continues on forever.

Scared, what is going to happen after death? Not enough proof for an decision. Faith in life, but fear for faith beyond life because we can't comprehend what will happen.

Religions are guidelines for how to live.

Spirit never fades. People still exist after death even if only in the hearts that knew them.

Believe in all religions, wherever you think you will go that is where you will go.

Questioning everything? Past lives. What if we did things in past lives. Idea of Nirvana

Don't want to think that there is a hell because of the loved ones that could be condemned there.

The good in all people, how can anyone no matter how misled be set to this pain you would be given.

Projection over time of scary movies, from the beginning when it seemed innocent to the realistic torture and pain seen in movies today.

The relationship with God or god is what is important, it's not important to pushing this religion on others but for the non-believers to see how happy they are with their lives, and to decide for themselves.

Reincarnation learning all these lessons by different lives.

Fiery hell God or god gives us the choice.

and most importantly WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?!?!

Work on interviews
teacher appointment
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Begin working on Paush's lecture part 1 (Feb 13)
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