Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Ruggles began class today by asking who went to the dance... and then told a story about a boat that was used to break up people who were grinding at his dances. Just a story.

We then talked about our blogs (many people faced technical difficulties so if you haven't gotten it done try your best to do so by tomorrow, Tuesday 27).
We were supposed to do this Friday, but were a little off.
We watched a video called Legend.

Scene Two
  • What does Hell look like?
  • Hell was dark and damp with a firey glow all around
  • Mist constantly lapped at their feet
  • They were surrounded by deep caverns of rock
  • Empty, slimy

What do you notice about the first scene?

  • The first scene shows no ones face for quite some time
  • Their voices are synthesized making them seem darker and more mysterious
  • Firey mist swirls around their feet

What are the differences between this and your previous perceptions of Hell?

  • This hell was much more empty than I suspected
  • The language was rhyming and somewhat poetic
  • There were no screams heard from the background, which I expected there to be
  • Hell, though dark and hot, also seemed dark, slimy, and wet, which contradicts itself

What about the role of the fallen angel?

  • The fallen angel was seen as the most evil, black-hearted spirit in the realm of Hell and was never seen, besides his clawed, slimy hands
Scene Fourteen

Watch for the portrayal of Satan

  • Red skin
  • Giant horns - black
  • Fangs
  • Long ears
  • Sunken in eyes
  • Cast in shadows
  • Kind, loving, compassionate (to the woman)
  • Quick temper
  • Can shoot fire from his hands

What is the difference here?

  • It is much more evil looking
  • Dead bodies line the floor, satan’s whole body is shown
  • Real flames cover the scene

Notice interesting interactions with the woman-
Why is this significant?

  • He is quiet an calm and reserved, trying to swoon her and trick her into sitting on a chair of deceit
  • He is loving and kind up until the woman defies him, and his temper quickly spikes, nearly uncontrollably, raging with fury

Relationship changes throughout the scene? Why? How?

  • Satan is kind and sweet in the beginning, trying to entice the woman into staying with him
  • Tries to trick her into sitting into a chair of trickery
  • She ends up tricking Satan

Pay attention to Satan’s last words. What makes them unique?

  • “Father, forgive me”
  • “What is the light without dark?”
  • “What are you without me?”
  • We need him to exist so that we can understand an appreciate good with the contrast of his evil
  • Can heaven exist without a hell? I don't know...
  • “I am a part of you all”
  • We all have a little evil in us
  • “You can never defeat me”
  • “We are brothers, eternal”
  • Reference to Cain and Able
We will get to the songs and pictures later on! :)

  • Career project interviews and Summary/Response Paper (Jan 30)
  • Begin work on Pausch Lecture part 1 (Feb 13)
  • Teacher appointment
  • Purchase a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wild (If you want :)

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