Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Cereal Wednesday

For the first time in our class history someone brought in cereal which was a great way to start the day.

Ms. Smith is finally back but the class has now been turned over to Mr. Ruggles

We looked at videos and pictures of Hell and the afterlife.
We watched scenes from the movie Devil’s Advocate.
We listened to songs about the afterlife and the link to the songs is on the class website and the lyrics are with those songs.
Make sure to look at the pictures as well. They are also on the webpage.

The three questions we needed to ask ourselves during the movie, music and pictures and answer after were:
- What does this example say about the afterlife?
- How does this portrayal relate to your view of the afterlife?
- How does this portrayal connect to other examples of the afterlife?

HOMEWOK: SUMMARY RESPONSE PAPER DUE FRIDAY ON YOUR WIKI! There is a rubric for the summary response on the webpage. Complete Interviews if needed. Keep working on your past reflection for our speeches. Listen to ACDC’s High Way to Hell and Hells Bells. Lyrics are under the webpage. As well as look at the last 5 pictures with the same three pictures. Find a copy of Dorian Grey. Three things we learned from the background aout Dante.

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